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Capture the attention of local diesel enthusiasts while they browse their personal social networks.

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What Is Paid Social?

Facebooks and Instagram have an expansive reach within North America — over 300 million people use the platforms almost every day. With Paid Social, we're able to get your diesel repair shop in front of your current and potential customers.

With Dieselmatic's comprehensive diesel-focused marketing plan, your shop is shown to your market before they need you. Then, when your customers go looking for a trustworthy diesel shop nearby, you'll come up in their search (because of Organic Search and Paid Search) and instantly recognize your brand. After visiting your modern, mobile-friendly website, their choice will already be made for them and your phone will be ringing.

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Capture Demand Right Away

Downtime is expensive — diesel drivers search for repair shops and make their decisions quickly.

Dieselmatic uses targeted advertising to reach diesel drivers in your area who are looking for specific services and then shows them ads for your shop. After directing them to your vehicle-specific website page, we capture their information and ensure your brand stays top of mind while they make their service decision.

Paid Social Audiences

Dieselmatic uses diesel-industry knowledge gathered from hundreds of campaigns throughout Canada and the United States to create and target audiences that convert higher and cost less than any other agency.

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Our Clients Know Best

Trust is the number one factor in starting a new business relationship. Our satisfied clients stand with us and even provide a phone call referral if you want to talk to another diesel shop owner about their experience.

We've started working with Dieselmatic a few years ago. Since then, our company has over doubled in size and sales. This is in no small part due to the brand management expertise of Dieselmatic. They've helped position us as leaders in our industry and elevated our brand image.
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Jordan De Jong
Owner, JD Diagnostics & Diesel Repair
Since they started work on my website and improving my Google ranking, business increased a lot and now everything is clear and organized. Thank you Dieselmatic!
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Mario Monette
Owner & Lead Programmer, Mario High Performance Diesel

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How to add Dieselmatic to your Google My Business profile
Steven Smith
20 December 2019

Our most common asked questions.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No — Dieselmatic partners continue working with us because they want to, not because they're held to some long-term contract.

Will I get some cookie-cutter solution?

Your business is unique and needs to stand apart from the competition. Our solutions are custom built to fit your needs.

How is different?

Built by grown up country kids, Dieselmatic provides cutting-edge marketing and design from diesel enthusiasts and experts.

Do you offer regional exclusivity?

Yes — if you live in a highly competitive region we can issue an exclusivity clause in our contract.