Add Dieselmatic as a delegate to access GoDaddy account

Nick Adams
September 7, 2021
Add Dieselmatic as a delegate to access GoDaddy account

By adding Dieselmatic as a delegate to your GoDaddy account, you are allowing us to edit your DNS settings. We'll change your current DNS settings so that your domain name points at our servers instead of your old ones. A simple example: your domain is like a mirror, and by changing the DNS settings we're simply changing the angle of the mirror so that it points in a new direction and reflects your new website to the world.

Note: Delegate access allows us to open and use your products, but we can't view or change account information like your payment methods and passwords.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy Account Settings. If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to log in.
  2. Click Delegate Access.
  3. In the People who can access my account section, click Invite to Access.
  4. Enter the Name (Dieselmatic) and Email address ( for the person you're inviting.
  5. Choose Products, Domains, & Purchase access level.
  6. Click Invite. We'll get the email invitation to access your account and jump on changing the records right away. That's it!

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