After one year, Adrenaline Diesel saw a 10X increase in their online presence.

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A Heavy-Duty Repair Shop Ready to Grow

An outdated website. A half-finished list of services. No SEO strategy. Poor lead generation. The list goes on.

When Adrenaline Diesel came to us in 2020, this was the picture of their online presence. It was truly a night and day comparison to their physical shop. They were (excuse the pun) a well-oiled machine. Their shifts ran like clockwork: foremen had authority and expertise, new techs had training systems in place, parts supply chain was secure, all the pieces had come together perfectly. They were growing into a trusted HD expert in their city — but their website and marketing strategy were holding them back from establishing their brand and accelerating their growth.

With the goal of matching the success of their physical shop with their online presence, Adrenaline Diesel signed up on our Turbo Plan.

We redesigned and developed their website and created a new structure and strategy for articulating their unique set of services and offerings. Since Adrenaline Diesel focuses heavily on custom ECM tuning and sourcing speciality parts, we made them prominent features throughout the website and built landing pages and interior pages. We built marketing campaigns that targeted local customers on Facebook and Instagram in order to build brand awareness and then retargeted those audiences with Google Ads.

Through ourDieselmatic Dashboard, we tracked the results of our marketing efforts over Adrenaline Diesel's first year. Read on to see the results.

1065% Increase in Organic Sessions from Google

Located in a competitive city, Adrenaline Diesel didn't rank well for high-intent keywords like "truck repair shops near me" or "heavy-duty driveline service Edmonton." We built unique pages for each service they offered to make sure customers in need knew that the shop provided it.

Additionally, we wrote monthlyDieselDocsthat helped increase the authority of the site by providing customers with quality content and answers to common problems.

As a result, we were able to increase organic sessions from Google (that means anyone who searches in Google and clicks on a link that's not an ad) by 1065%.

Google My Business Management means more customers

Google My Business is likely one of the most forgotten tools in a repair shop owner's marketing tool belt. Most shop owners set it up once and then completely forget about it. Adrenaline Diesel didn't have the time to manage their GMB profile with new shop photo updates, asking customers for reviews, responding to reviews, and the many small tasks that go into optimizing your business' Google profile.

For customers, your GMB profile is likely the first thing they see when searching for your business. It tells customers whether or not they can trust your shop not only through customer reviews but small details like being able to see the entrance in the photos, understanding what your hours are, and proper links to your website and location.

Over the last year of working together, Dieselmatic has seen the following results in Adrenaline Diesel's GMB profile:

  • Overall ratings increase from 3.6/5 to 4.6/5
  • 162% increase in Google Maps views
  • 228% increase in phone calls
  • 181% increase in directions to the shop
“We saw a 228% increase in phone calls over the last year.”
Adrenaline Diesel went from an average of 100 calls per month (3 calls per day) to almost 250 calls per day (8 calls per day).

We were able to achieve these results for Adrenaline Diesel through ourManaged SEOservice (included in ourGrow PlanandTurbo Plan. Alongside GMB management and customer review management, these plans cover all on-page SEO optimized specifically for the diesel repair industry.

So, why is on-page SEO important?

If that's all a bit too technical for you, here's a small example of why on-page SEO is important. Search engines like Google can't read pictures. Sure, artificial intelligence is getting better at it, but it doesn’t really know what's in the picture unless you tell it. That's where META tags come in. A META tag is a small bit of code that tells the search engine what the image is.

Let's take the image below for example. If the web developer you're working with doesn't understand the diesel repair industry, they'll write something like "mechanic working on engine." If you work with Dieselmatic, we'll write descriptive tags like "ASE-certified tech working on a Cummins ISX rebuild." These small differences add up to make a big difference in your search engine rankings, meaning more customers find your website for more types of related searches.

It's the details like this that allow us to achieve exceptional results for Dieselmatic Partners. Having expertise in the HD niche means we know which services you are offering and how to promote them effectively. In Alberta, where Adrenaline Diesel is located, EGR and DPF removals for off-road use are completely legal. This industry knowledge allowed us to drive tons of traffic to their site for EGR removal service.

464 customers came to their site looking for "EGR removal" in their search query.

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