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Dieselmatic’s Managed SEO Strategy Boosted This Truck and Equipment Repair Shop to the Top of Google in Just a Few Months

Wasted ad spends in Google Ads, low form submission, and limited calls through their website.

When Onsite Truck and Equipment Repair approached us in April 2021, it's safe to say their online presence was in shambles. They were wasting money on Google Ads that captured zero traffic, had multiple unqualified phone calls through their website, and low form submissions in their contact section.

Operational since 2008, Onsite's web presence simply wasn't matching up to their expectations anymore. While their physical presence was growing, they weren't seeing the returns on their online efforts that they needed.

The company needed to switch gears to fire up some conversions online.

Under our Turbo Plan, we designed a custom website and crafted a clever strategy to drive truck and equipment repair leads.

We also focused on creating high ROI-generating Google Ads campaigns that targeted the right customers in Phoenix. We finished it with a managed SEO strategy to improve their local SEO for diesel repair.

Through our Dieselmatic Dashboard, we tracked the results of our marketing efforts over six months. Here are some of the amazing results we found.

3,830% Increase in Phone Calls from Website

Initially, Onsite Truck and Equipment Repair had a meager number of website leads. They were either not qualified or didn't answer the phone when Onsite called back. Due to this, Onsite struggled to show up in search engines for competitive keywords and not receive the volume of calls they needed.

With a focused Google Ads campaign, we witnessed an increase in first-time calls by 3,830%. What does this mean for Onsite? Well, a massive increase in calls automatically means more truck and equipment repair leads. This means that Onsite can achieve their goals of getting more work done in less time while also spending less on marketing efforts. Eventually, Onsite will scale and save more money for themselves and their customers. It attracts more customers to their location, generating additional revenue.

44% Increase in Conversions from Google Ads Campaigns

You can't drive truck and equipment repair leads without a powerful online presence. That's where our SEO marketing efforts come into play. With the help of our Turbo Plan, we increased Onsite Truck and Equipment Repair's local Phoenix SEO to drive more leads.

Our strategy included Google Ads campaigns for high-intent keyword phrases like "roadside assistance" and "road service near me," along with other keywords to target the right customers in the 602 area code. These campaigns brought 22,186 clicks into Onsite's marketing funnel, which helped them receive a 44% increase in conversions.

100% Boost on Organic Search

Organic search is a critical factor in driving truck and equipment repair leads. High organic search helps businesses rank higher on search engines and drive traffic to the website and increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

We started by pinpointing Onsite's top keywords, monitored their progress over time, and applied the right SEO tactics to make sure they stayed persistent in search results.

A combination of these different tactics also increased clicks by 4,474%, which automatically means more leads and business for the truck repair company.

100% Boost in Site's Conversion Rate

We also made website changes to give Onsite a boost in conversion rate by applying several different methods, such as:

  • Writing high-quality blogs that are optimized for search engines and help position Onsite as a leader in their industry, which boosts confidence and credibility
  • Optimizing META tags and ALT descriptions impacted SEO rankings and made Onsite's website easier for customers to find what they need quickly and easily, which boosted conversions
  • Sizing images properly help with page speed and decrease bounce rate, which boosts customer engagement
  • Designing for mobile to ensure we're catering to an audience that prefers browsing and looking up on repair services through their smartphones
  • Managing Onsite's Google My Business (GMB) profile, so customers have access to all relevant information
  • Posting blogs on guest websites to further boost Onsite's credibility and authority

A 100% increase in conversion rate was triggered when combining all of these factors together. This directly impacts their bottom line, since more leads equals more revenue. It also boosts search engine results, which helps keep their audience engaged and come back for more.

A 62% increase in customer reviews, 66% increase in GMB searches, 59% increase in GMB views, and 76% increase in GMB directions ensured that Onsite could get more customers and keep them coming back for more.

3,520% increase in total reach on Facebook 

Our efforts primarily involved improving Onsite's on-page SEO complemented with a social campaign on Facebook. On-page SEO is critical for businesses looking to rank higher on search engines and drive more traffic. It involves optimizing metadata, ALT tags, keywords, and images. It also involves making sure the website is mobile-friendly so customers can easily find what they're looking for.

Once we optimized Onsite's on-page SEO, we focused on increasing their social following and engagement through Facebook ads campaigns. With this campaign, we managed a whopping 3,520% increase in total reach.

Onsite's focus on SEO for search engine result pages (SERPs) helped them rank higher than competitors. Our social media marketing campaign improved its ranking on social sites like Facebook. And our blog posts helped them rise above their competitors in online search results.

All of this resulted in more truck repair leads, which translated into more revenue for the company. Today, Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair is one of the leading truck repair shops in Phoenix.

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