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Google Ads ROI Calculator

Welcome to Dieselmatic's Google Ads ROI Calculator, the go-to resource for commercial truck repair shops looking to maximize their online advertising. This powerful tool has been specially designed to help businesses in the truck repair industry measure the return on investment (ROI) from their Google Ads campaigns. Understanding your Google Ads ROI is vital to making data-driven decisions, optimizing your ad spend, and growing your business. Whether you're a local truck repair shop or a nationwide service provider, our ROI Calculator will deliver the insights you need to fuel your advertising efforts. Get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns with Dieselmatic's dedicated tool for the commercial truck repair industry.

Your Google Ads Data

To find your Google Ads data, go to your Google Ads Account, select "Last 30 days", and enter your data.

What is your ad spend? Enter the total amount spent for the last 30 days.
How many clicks did you receive? Enter the total number of clicks your Google Ads campaigns received in the last 30 days.
What was your conversion rate? Enter the conversion rate from your Google Ads campaigns over the last 30 days.

Your Shop Data

Use rough estimates off the top of your head or log into your shop management software and grab your data.

What is your shop's profit margin? Use a rough estimate, or grab your profit margin from your Fullbay account.
What is your average close rate? How many people who call or email your shop become paying customers?
What is your average invoice total? Your average invoice total

Congratulations! Your ROI is positive, and based on the information you provided, you're going to make money. Your data shows that your Google Ads campaign has generated profits for your commercial truck repair shop. With an ad spend of , your campaign attracted a total of clicks. From these clicks, your conversion rate of % resulted in leads. Out of these leads, your close rate of % contributed to paying customers. Considering an average invoice total of , your revenue from the ad spend amounts to . After subtracting the ad spend, your net profit stands at .

Oops! Your ROI is negative, which means you'll be losing money. Based on the data you provided, adjustments and optimizations are necessary to turn your campaign into a profitable investment. With an ad spend of , you received a total of clicks. However, your conversion rate of % resulted in leads, which didn't translate into as many paying customers as expected. Out of these leads, your close rate of % contributed to customers. Considering an average invoice total of , the revenue generated from the ad spend amounts to . However, after subtracting the ad spend, your net profit is currently at a loss of . It's essential to reassess your marketing strategy, optimize your targeting and messaging, and enhance your conversion process to improve your ROI and turn your campaign into a profitable investment.

Your Input
Dieselmatic Dashboard showing customer review management from Google Business Profiles.

Dieselmatic Dashboard

See your marketing ROI in live time.

When it comes to marketing your shop, return on investment is the metric that matters most. We provide complete, transparent reporting that lets you see exactly how much money you've spent on marketing and how much money you've made.

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Mobile websites examples on iPhones

Premium Websites

Custom-built heavy-duty repair shop websites.

Your business is unique — and your online presence should be too. We work with you to develop a new website that not only looks great on the outside, but has a robust set of tools inside to ensure customers come knocking.

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Diesel repair shop owner viewing marketing data from the Dieselmatic Dashboard.

Managed SEM

Google Ads Management for HD truck repair shops.

Get results today from Search Engine Marketing specialists who know the diesel industry in and out. Dieselmatic's Managed SEM solutions begin seeing a Return On Investment within the first month.

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SEO example for truck repair shop showing up #1 on Google organic search results page.

Managed SEO

Search engine optimization for diesel repair shops.

Get on the first page and start receiving 35% more phone calls and contact form leads. Our comprehensive diesel Search Engine Optimization solutions are integrated into the design, development, and marketing of your online presence.

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Dodge Ram showing social media management for automotive Facebook Ads.

Social Marketing

Establishing trust with your customers starts with capturing their attention.

Reach potential customers where they spend most of their time — online. A core aspect of brand credibility starts with brand recognition. The trust that a new customer needs to choose your shop next time they're in need starts with the brand/repair shop they recognize the most.

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Custom articles written for heavy-duty repair shops called DieselDocs. Example article of Cummins ISX problems.


Industry-specific articles that boost website authority.

The content on your website adds to the credibility of your shop. Our writers research HD industry topics and write articles for your website that improve domain authority and drive customers to make service decisions.

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