Google Ad Spend Calculator

Google Ad Spend Calculator

What is your shop's average repair order?

The average repair order (ARO) helps estimate the revenue from each customer. Understanding ARO is crucial for determining how much to invest in marketing to maintain profitability.

What is your shop's profit margin?

The profit margin indicates the percentage of the repair order that is profit. Knowing your profit margin helps in setting realistic marketing budgets and profitability targets.

Which Dieselmatic plan is the shop considering?

Choosing the right Dieselmatic plan aligns marketing efforts with your shop's size, growth stage, and budget, ensuring you get the best ROI on your marketing spend.

Dieselmatic typically achieves a 6% conversion rate in Google Ads.

This rate helps estimate how effectively ad clicks convert to leads. A higher conversion rate means more efficient ad spend, vital for optimizing marketing budgets.

Out of 100 phone calls and emails, how many would turn into paying customers?

This conversion rate from lead to paying customer helps in forecasting sales and revenue from marketing efforts, highlighting the quality of leads generated.

This is the average cost per click across all campaign types and locations.

The average CPC is critical for budgeting ad spends and estimating the number of leads and customers your budget can generate, affecting overall marketing strategy.