Google Review Management With Dieselmatic

Google Review Management With Dieselmatic
Want to score more positive Google reviews? We know how to help. Read the blog to learn about our Google Review Management.

When was the last time you left a review for something?

It could be anything. Your latest Amazon order, the pizza joint down the street, the vendor who supplies you. 

If you had to think pretty hard about when you last posted a review—or you’ve never done it at all—don’t worry. While customers of all sorts are getting savvier about how important reviews are—a good one can lift a business, while a really bad one can torpedo it—the reality is not everyone thinks or has time to leave reviews. They might be perfectly happy with the service or product they received, but hey, they have lives too.

Stats vary, but a survey from 2019 found that only 47% of customers reported posting any kind of review. We have no indication that those 47% of people posted regular reviews. They might have posted one for their local froyo shop once and called it a day.

The diesel repair industry suffers from the same problem. The thing is, reviews are more important than ever! Most of your customers are looking at several of your reviews before calling to book a service or ask a question. So the more good reviews you have, the more potential customers you can lure in based on how much everyone likes you.

Yep. It’s your reputation. 

Google owns a huge share of the market (and possibly the world), so the reviews generated for your Google Business Profile are particularly important to your digital footprint. Here’s how Dieselmatic can help you get them!


We reiterate: people have lives. They don’t always think to leave a review. That’s where reminders come in handy—and that’s where Dieselmatic steps in.

In short, here’s how the process works: 

A customer leaving your shop after getting some work done triggers a sequence of emails that will be sent to the email address the customer provides. This sequence begins two days after they leave your shop, and features an email written by the Dieselmatic team (but signed by one of your employees, or even you) politely requesting a Google review. 

It even includes a short, positive review customers can use if they really don’t feel like typing something out on their own. It even links them to Google Reviews—no clicking required.

Those reminders can work wonders on happy customers—you could be landing as many as 20-30 good reviews per month, which in itself is a huge draw for new customers and will boost your local SEO, too. 


So, you know good reviews make you look great. Bad reviews…well…don’t. Which is why it’s important to look at your reviews (yes, including the bad ones) and see where they came from—and if they can be removed. 

To be blunt, if your shop receives a legitimate bad review from a customer, there’s not much anyone can do about it. Still, the team can help look for things like:

  • Reviews written by bots (spam).
  • Foul language or personal attacks.
  • Reviews written by obvious competitors.

Dieselmatic can flag reviews that display the above characteristics and send a note to Google so their team can review it. Usually they respond within three days.

Something we do encourage shop owners to do is respond to any customer that posts a review—positive or negative. If it’s a positive review, just write something to the effect of, “Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you again!” If it’s a bad review, ask what you can do to make it right and see if they’ll update their feelings about your services.


It’s difficult to quantify just how much time and brain power Dieselmatic can save you when dealing with reviews. Still, if you’re handling your reviews on your own—if at all—you can probably count on having to spend hours sending emails and follow-ups, depending on how large your customer base is. Or you could set up an automated system to handle it, but that can also be time-consuming (and man, the interfaces on some platforms are wild). 

So here’s an idea: you focus on running your shop and let Dieselmatic deal with reviews and the rest of your marketing efforts. Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you what we can do!

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February 7, 2024
Rhett Desormeaux
Rhett Desormeaux