How To Get More Google Reviews

How To Get More Google Reviews
Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to create a simple way for customers to leave Google Reviews for your diesel repair shop while they wait to pick up their truck.

Step 1

Get the Google Review link for your business.

Method #1

Log into your Google My Business account. Navigate to "Home" and scroll down until you see "Get more reviews" on the right.

Then, click the "Share review form" button. Copy the link.

Method #2

Use this method if you don't have access your Google My Business account.

First, got to the Google Place ID page.

In the ‘Enter a location‘ field write your company name.

Click on your company name when it appears in the drop-down list.

Copy your Place ID in the popup. (It will be a long string of letters and numbers)

Paste your ID number at the end of this link (after the = sign)

Step 2

Create a QR code that your customers can scan.

Go to QR Code Generator.

Select URL as the QR code type.

Paste your Google Review link in the "Enter your website" field.

Click "Download JPG" on the right.

Tip: You can ignore the "Free Sign Up" popup. Your file will download in a few seconds.

Step 3

Print out your new QR code and place it on your front desk with the following instructions:

Leave A Google Review — Open your phone camera and point it at the QR code below.

That's it! Now you're ready to start getting more Google Reviews for you business.

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February 7, 2024
Suz Baldwin
Suz Baldwin