Introducing Our Favorite New Integration: Marketing Analytics!

Introducing Our Favorite New Integration: Marketing Analytics!
We’re introducing a great new feature for Dieselmatic partners who are also using Fullbay: end-to-end analytics! See exactly what you’re spending…and what you’re getting from that spend. Cool, right?

Hear ye, hear ye! We of Dieselmatic have an epic announcement:

Dieselmatic partners who are also Fullbay users can now access end-to-end marketing analytics!


This is where you all cheer.

But Dieselmatic, you might be saying, what are end-to-end marketing analytics? How can we cheer if we don’t know what they are?

Okay, that’s a fair point. These analytics allow you to track and analyze your shop’s revenue from right inside Fullbay. That’s right: the report is coming from inside the app

“It provides a really clear picture of how effective the spend [owners] put in over a certain time period has been, and how it helps grow their business,” says Jack Church, Head of Product at Dieselmatic, who recently sat down with us for a virtual chat about this new offering. 

(I’m being told no, we cannot call it Revenuematic.)

Let’s dive in!


In layman’s terms, the integration takes everything you spend on marketing (yes, including what you’re paying for your Dieselmatic plan) and compares it to the money brought in from that spend. You’ve heard the term “spend money to make money,” right? Now you can see exactly how much you’re spending to bring in whatever you’re making. 

This is not a benefit you’re going to see from other diesel marketing agencies, and quite frankly, you aren’t going to see it in most regular marketing agencies, either. That is because Dieselmatic’s unique partnership with Fullbay is what makes this kind of detailed reporting possible. With your approval, the DM dashboard will integrate with the Fullbay app, where it will  connect the dots between what you spend on a Google Ad campaign and those we would consider leads from that campaign. Finally, it pulls the invoice amount from Fullbay itself. WHAM—complete ROI! 

Besides the obvious perk of seeing your complete return on investment, there are three pretty cool additional benefits to this integration: 

  1. It brings you peace of mind. We all worry if we’re spending our money in the right way—but is the money you’re pumping into marketing actually doing anything? The DM/FB partnership lets you see exactly what’s happening within your business. It’s showing you your up-to-the-minute ROI. 
  2. It shows you where you can improve. Consider the following scenario: You’ve got a high volume of calls from your Google ads, but you aren’t converting many. This could point to a multitude of issues, from incorrect services being advertised to staff practicing their Debbie Downer impressions on the phone. Your end-to-end analytics might just be a warning that something, somewhere, has gone off the rails. 
  3. It shows you where you can expand your marketing efforts. Because the integration updates live, you can see your ROI changing on a daily (or even hourly!) basis. Similarly to point two, it shows you where things are going right—and consequently, where you can expand your marketing efforts if you so choose. 



(Computer wizardry is basically magic, right?)

For real though: it’s easy enough to determine what you’re spending with Google ads. But to see how many of those ads are leading to good cheddar takes a little more doing. Put simply, the Dieselmatic team tracks which incoming leads are from clicked ads via the phone number the lead used. 

As soon as someone calls in as a lead, the team can track them. The Dieselmatic team then tracks the number against invoices over time. This is also how they eliminate existing customers from the final tally—if a customer has paid an invoice to your shop before you started with Dieselmatic, well, they probably weren’t introduced to you through your Dieselmatic-powered marketing.


Sure, if you want to. That’s more math than this writer wants to deal with, but you can absolutely create a spreadsheet to track your spend, and then separate out all those customers that find you through your marketing efforts, and then keep their information separate so you can tally up the revenue you get from them and then manage all that information

Sounds fun, right? 

Nahhhh, we didn’t think so.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you can absolutely do a lot of marketing stuff on your own. Can you do it well? Do you have the time to devote to it? Why spend hours or days figuring out what money came from which customers when we do it for you within seconds?

In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, “Whoa.”

The end-to-end analytics option is available for Fullbay Connect users who have our Turbo plan. Want to learn more? Hit us up! We’d love to answer your questions and show you what we can do.

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