Managed Job Postings

Managed Job Postings
The rumors are true—we can handle your job postings for you. Learn more at the blog!

A couple months ago we talked about the importance of career pages and why your shop should definitely have one. That article is enough to kick-start your own efforts at a career page, should you decide you want to add one to your shop website on your own. It will require work, research, and some finessing, but it’s doable.

Or—and we hinted at this at the very end of the other article—you can partner with us to do it for you. Which brings us to today’s topic: Dieselmatic’s Managed Job Postings, better known as a spectacular way to build a technician pipeline while spreading awareness of your shop.

The best part: you don’t actually have to do anything.

Cool, right?

Here’s what these postings entail—and how to get them.


Good marketing isn’t just about reaching your customers, although that’s a big component. It’s also about building awareness of your shop and letting people in general know that you exist. This includes potential employees.

(You can read more about this phenomenon, called recruitment marketing, in this article.) 

As for why we decided to jump in, well, it’s pretty simple. We kept hearing the same thing from our partners: We can’t find any techs. 

That’s a huge problem for our partners and potential partners, who knew we’d quickly find them more work but were not sure they’d have the labor force to handle it. “They didn’t want any more business because they couldn’t find more techs,” Tracy Davies, Director of Account Management, tells us. “So we found an opportunity to help them with that.” 


We have some in-depth coverage of what a job ad needs in our career article; that information will be included in all your job ads as well. During your onboarding, we’ll gather specific information about your shop, what it’s like to work there, and more—and then our writers will build job postings based on that information. We’ll then post those jobs on various sites: typically Facebook and LinkedIn, and sometimes Indeed. 

(Side note: If you haven’t given LinkedIn a try yet as far as hiring…you should. Techs are absolutely on LinkedIn and you can reach lots of qualified applicants.)

How long it takes to get job postings up and running depends on the shop’s current digital footprint. Generally, if you’ve already got accounts on the various job platforms, we can get postings up and running within a few days. You can be as involved as you like; some shop owners want to be involved with crafting every single bullet point, while others are happy to just let us do our thing. 

(Note that we do generally advise you to have a professional website up and running before posting any job ads, as you want the additional authority and presence a website conveys. But we’re not strict on that—if you sign up with us and need to hire RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW, we’ll get right on it.) 

Facebook and LinkedIn also allow organic posts, which don’t have any kind of advertising spend behind them. Alternatively, shops have the option to run a campaign that will cost some money but reach more potential new employees.

Patti Moore, Operations Manager at Dieselmatic, emphasizes the importance of campaigns: “It allows us to really narrow down that target audience and retarget people and get a lot more information to the shop,” she says. 


The Dieselmatic team also tracks the resumes that come from each source, emailing an updated document each time a new applicant submits their resume. This is extremely valuable for the shop owner that wants to see what type of qualified leads are coming from what source—which can help them narrow down their job search and increase spend (if they want)  towards recruitment in the future.

It also opens the door to allowing others into the hiring process. Maybe your senior tech doesn’t have access to your LinkedIn account, but still needs to see what sort of apprentices they might end up training. 

Now, everything we’ve discussed above isn’t particularly hard, but it is time-consuming—and just kind of a pain when you, as a shop owner, are already trying to do a dozen things at a time. Our partners report that our efforts have taken some of the pain out of hiring simply because applicants like the look of their website and their advertising—again, recruitment marketing at work

“I actually hired a really good mechanic through Google Ads and stuff,” says Isaac Palomino of EIP Diesel. “Because he feels like, ‘Oh, I love the way you guys look so professional.’ [He] came in by himself, asking for work. He has a lot of potential.” 

Cool, right?


Managed Job Postings are included with our Turbo plans, but it’s available as an add-on for all of our customers. Want us to use our Dieselmatic Magic™ to help you build a technician pipeline?

Hey, we’ve got you. Give us a holler—we’re ready to put the pedal to the marketing metal!

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