Top 20 Auto & Truck Repair Shop Websites of 2024

Top 20 Auto & Truck Repair Shop Websites of 2024

The differences between running an HD truck repair shop and an automotive repair shop are vast, especially when it comes to web design and marketing. You want to be sure you're not paying for clicks of someone wanting an oil change on their Toyota Camry but the trucker who needs the Paccar MX-13 rebuilt in his Kenworth.

How do you make sure your HD repair shop is attracting the right customers? It all starts with a website.

Here are top heavy-duty truck (not just auto) repair websites to consider for inspiration when developing your own online presence.

1. Adrenaline Diesel

The Adrenaline Diesel website clearly states that they are a heavy-duty truck repair shop, right off the bat. They've got clear CTAs (calls-to-action) for customers to be able to get directions, call the shop, or book online. From the list of manufacturers they service, to the types of services they provide, this website is a gold mine for truck repair shop website design.

2. JE-CO Truck & Trailer

Black and red is a staple in the diesel repair industry and JE-CO Truck & Trailer carry on the tradition with sophistication and ease. As one of Denver's largest commercial truck and equipment repair shops, they clearly list their services in a grid on their landing page so that customers can easily navigate to find which service they need and contact the shop to set up an appointment.

3. Dirty D's Performance

As auto repair and diesel performance specialists, the Dirty D's Performance website teases the type of work they do with the owners lifted dually GMC Sierra. Scrolling down the page, customers can see that they offer financing, a variety of repair services, customer reviews, products, merchandise, and more. These design choices allow their customers to easily navigate the website and reach out to schedule an appointment.

4. The Service Company

Retro logo, strong, trustworthy blue and red colour scheme, and a clear depiction of the types of trucks they work on in the background — The Service Company's website is a goldmine for automotive and truck repair design best practices. All services are clearly displayed in buttons on the home page allowing users to easily navigate to towing/road service, RV repair, truck repair, or sales.

5. Gallaher Fleet Solutions

If you're looking to build a fleet repair website, look no further for inspiration than Gallaher Fleet Solutions. The strong green and black color scheme and black and white photos that turn to color on hover add a level of modern sophistication to the website. Custom photography of the technicians working on semi-trucks adds trust to brand. Coupled with the customer review on the landing page (and more reviews scattered throughout the website), you can take any number of examples from this shop on how to gain customers effectively through your online presence.

6. Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs

Customers can easily find their vehicle manufacturer right from the homepage at Fireweed Heavy Truck & Equipment Repairs. By listing the types of trucks they work on, customers can easily see that this shop are experts at HD (and subsequently weed out anyone looking for light-duty truck repairs or general automotive service). Once again, there are multiple CTAs throughout the homepage making it easy for customers to either send a message or call the shop.

7. Cottons Customs

Light-duty and performance shops, look no further than Cottons Customs for an example of the perfect repair shop website. With a clean, Dodge Ram Cummins photo in the background and a clear articulation of their services, location, and contact methods, this website is another solid example of the diesel repair industry's black and red staple color scheme. This site also focuses on it's performance products with a large list as well as a great about page explaining how the shop got their site start.

8. JD Diagnostics & Diesel Repair

Mobile-first website design is a necessity of the automotive industry in 2022 and JD Diagnostics & Diesel Repair knocks it out of the park. With super fast page speed load times and an experienced optimized for scheduling appointments from a mobile phone, their website is like a shiny, brand new F-350 Superduty. Note: they also knock it out of the park with repair-industry specific blog articles.

9. Iron Creek Truck & Trailer

Heavy-duty truck repair shops, look no further than Iron Creek Truck & Trailer for the perfect example of how to split up your parts and service sections. Their home page guides customers towards either a wide set of truck repair services or an even bigger selection of HD parts. The blue, grey, and white color scheme and custom photography are solid examples of modern web design for a truck repair shop.

10. Atlas Truck Repair (& Spring Service)

Probably one of the most polished truck repair websites on the planet, Atlas Truck Repair's website features a bright green and white color scheme and a homepage that gives the user social proof, operating hours, and contact options (everything a customer looks for first when they visit an auto or truck repair shop website). Navigating through the website, users see a huge list of services with clear navigation between each one — all leading to a contact form or phone call CTA.

11. Saviors Repair

1970s fans — neon is back! Saviors Repair out of Pearland, Texas nails the retro-tough aesthetic on their truck repair shop website. The pops of green and blue in their logo are used throughout the website in the button colors, photo outlines, background overlays, and more. Not to mention, the photography showcases the guys working in the shop and builds trust with customers right off the bat because they can see who is dealing with their truck.

12. Integrity Fleet Service

100% a must-see website for auto and truck repair shop website design inspo: Integrity Fleet Service. Scroll through this site and thank me later: from the clean overlays and dark color theme, to the repair categories that pop up one by one, to the customer reviews and clear CTAs this websites overall design and structure is a thing of beauty. Plus, you can never go wrong with a red, white and blue colour scheme!

13. Bus & Truck of Chicago

Simple sophistication is the name of the game and Bus & Truck of Chicago is the #1 domain. The clean, blue and white colors are used consistently throughout the site with gradient fades and complimentary palettes. As a complete bus, truck, and RV repair shop, their website is the perfect illustration of that one shop we all know with the shiny floors and impeccable service.

14. Brant Jones Automotive

True automotive experts, Brant Jones showcases how an automotive repair shop website can branch out into the diesel repair industry. Their website is clearly split into these 2 categories on the homepage and even breaks down the service types with their own unique pages as you scroll down.

15. Longhorn Diesel

Texans, hold on to your cowboy hats because Longhorn Diesel's website is like an F-350 gone full beast mode. If a jacked up diesel truck with neon under glow got transformed into a website, this is what it would look like. Customers who come to this site immediately know that they're dealing with performance pros.

16. Monument Diesel

Inspiration for Monument Diesel's website comes from the Cummins ISX. The red and black of this heavy-duty fleet repair shop's website is really bold. The best takeaway though is the grid background texture that adds depth and a "mechanic" type feel to the website.

17. JRB Performance & Customs

Approachable and polished, one of the first things customers see when they visit JRB Performance's website is the callout to their customer reviews. 5 star reviews from over 65 other diesel truck owners builds the brand up and gives the impression of the quality of work they provide.

18. 3K Calibrations

If you're looking for lead gen examples for your auto repair shop, 3K Calibrations is one of the top examples out there. Although not strictly an auto repair shop, the calculator on their page is a great example of how you can provide some value to your customers before they even reach out to you.

19. Schroeder Truck Repair

As a family-owned and operated repair shop in Colorado, Schroeder Truck Repair's website illustrates the greenery of Denver's surrounding mountains while at the same time providing a friendly, professional and approachable tone. Their services are listed in bullet points right under the hero section, with social proof and CTAs that give customers everything they need to make a service decision.

20. JE-CO Diesel Emissions

Vehicle owners — no matter the size — sometimes need automotive emissions testing prior to repair. JE-CO Diesel Dyno & Emissions Testing showcases how to build a website that gets customers to leave their information for a callback or place a call right away to schedule an appointment. There are quick links, maps, and buttons throughout the website that make it easy to get directions or contact the shop to schedule an emissions test.

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