Call Smarter, Not Harder: Why Call Management Is So Cool

Call Smarter, Not Harder: Why Call Management Is So Cool
Ah, call management. Useful for lowering ad cost, training, and so much more—but what is it? What else can you do with it?


Who’s there?

Call management.

Call management…who?

Call management is one of the unsung ways to lower your ad costs!


Okay, maybe that joke didn’t quite land the way we hoped. But that doesn’t change the fact that today we’re talking all about call management: what it is, why it’s useful, and why you should definitely let Dieselmatic handle yours.

No, wait, we need to talk more about that awful joke.

No, we really don’t. Call management, here we come!


Dieselmatic’s call management monitors inbound phone calls to your shop. 

No,  not all inbound phone calls. Remove the tinfoil hat, please.

The only phone numbers that are tracked are the ones connected with the paid advertising that we build for you—your website, Google Business profile, and Google Ads. Outgoing calls are not monitored; communications with family, friends, medical professionals, and so on remain top secret.

So, now that we know what call management is, let’s talk about how it can help your shop—starting with, yes, your ad spend.


It’s not just about the number of calls you want coming in. It’s about relevance.

In other words, you want the right kind of calls.

“You don’t want people calling in asking about gasoline cars, or types of vehicles you don’t service, or repairs you don’t offer,” Patti Moore, Operations Manager at Dieselmatic, tells us. “You’re paying your employees to answer the phone. You want to make sure the calls coming in are relevant to your specific business.”

In a nutshell, call management monitors calls that are driven by your various advertising efforts. Dieselmatic’s PPC team qualifies each call that comes in; specialists can identify what ad campaigns certain calls are coming from and whether the calls are relevant to your shop. They can then adjust their various ad campaigns.

That allows you to spend your ad money where it can do its best work. Your ad spend can decrease as you funnel it into the hyper-targeted campaigns that really work. 

For example, if you’re getting a barrage of calls from a truck repair campaign that are related to trucks you don’t repair, your PPC specialist can make the campaign more specific to relevant keywords. Your ads become more laser-focused on the exact customers you want to bring in and serve.

Maybe you’re getting 20 calls a day instead of 30. But 19  of those 20 calls will book service with you, instead of 15 of the 30. 


We’re not saying change up your services based on what kind of calls you get, but you can review your call database and see exactly what potential customers are asking for. Maybe you want to run a special on a particular service. Or maybe you’re noticing that a lot of people are asking for tire work, which could indicate a gap in your local market.

(A gap you can fill!)

Side note: Patti reports that some shop owners have relied on call management to help them identify problems with their phone provider. “Our specialists hear that customers are calling into a shop and it’s disconnecting, or the operator can’t hear them, or they can’t hear the operator, we get in touch right away. We’ve had many situations where the shop owner has realized, ‘There’s something wrong with my phone service!’” 

Unsettling, right? We have reached a point in human history where we just…well…expect our phones to work. But technical difficulties can hit even in 2023. 

Maybe especially in 2023. 


Our great hope is that your employees are already pretty diplomatic when answering calls (no hanging up on people, please!). But there are often areas where you and your staff can improve, and Dieselmatic’s call management can help out.

Specifically, you can review the calls that come in and use them to develop training for your employees around how to answer phones and how to assist customers that come into the shop. 

But it can happen to the best of us: an employee hasn’t had enough coffee, or perhaps doesn’t understand what services you do or don’t offer, or when a special is or isn’t running. Our team can make sure your people are communicating properly with customers over the phone—which includes being polite and sharing the correct information.


Hmph, Dieselmatic, you might be saying, I can do all this myself.

Of course you can. You totally can. If you’ve got the time to listen to every call you get, and can make sure those calls are the kind of calls you want, and you’re willing to keep records of any trends you spot…let’s do some math. If you get 30 calls a day, and each call is between 1-3 minutes, that’s already 1.5 hours…

Sure, you can do it all yourself, but do you want to?

“It adds up,” Patti laughs. 

Why add more work to your plate? You’ve already got enough. Let the pros (us!) handle it.

Call management is available with our Turbo plan. If you want to learn more about how call management can help your business, or what other services we offer, well, get in touch today. We’ve got a lot we can show you!

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