Dieselmatic Premium Websites

Dieselmatic websites are custom-made and responsive with integrated analytics to help fill your bays and beat the competition.

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Diesel repair shop website shown on a variety of devices to showcase responsive design

Fuelled by UX research, local market knowledge, and exclusive integrations, Dieselmatic websites deliver a full-service, personalized experience designed to bring ease and efficiency to consumers when deciding where to take their diesel vehicle for repair. With all-new, Dieselelixer service integration, customers can search for their specific make and model to see whether or not your shop provides the service they're after. This saves customers time and creates long-term relationships with repair shops.

Premium, responsive Dieselmatic website displayed on iPhone

Modern websites that bring you more customers

When looking for a mechanic or repair shop to have their vehicle serviced, most customers choose between the first 3 businesses that come up on Google. Dieselmatic gets you into the top spots and beats your competition based on modern, responsive designs and specialized diesel industry knowledge.

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Website Beast Mode — Engage

It's time to try something new. Your current website is lacking: no vehicle specific pages, no in-depth service lists, poor mobile functionality, the list goes on. With a Dieselmatic website your diesel repair shop will be the clear choice for new customers deciding where to take their truck for service.

Unique Website Design
Your diesel shop needs to stand out from the crowd. And let's be honest, the competition is lacking. With your new specialized Dieselmatic, you'll blow the competition out of the water.
Lightning Fast
Customers will leave your your site if it doesn't load within 3 seconds. Dieselmatic sites are coded by hand to ensure optimal speeds and efficient load times.
Get More Leads
With fully integrated analytics, Dieselmatic makes your business easy to find for new and returning customers. Our websites typically convert at a rate of about 50% higher than competitors.
All-Inclusive Support
Who doesn't love a 10-day all-inclusive trip to Mexico? That's what partnering with Dieselmatic is like. Paying extra for design? Nope. Need a phone call to discuss strategy? No charge. We're here for you whenever you need us.

Why Your shop needs dieselmatic

In the past, repair shop websites have existed mostly to showcase the location of the shop and a vague list of services. At Dieselmatic, we provide a detailed catalogue of diesel trucks that customers can search through to find their specific vehicle. We work with you to ensure the catalogue is specific to the vehicles you work on and the services you provide.

Alongside the catalogue, we integrate cutting-edge analytics to ensure you capture as many details as possible about your new potential customer. Then, we use that information to keep your brand in front of their eyes in their digital world.

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Google Analytics with GMC Sierra on top of MacBook
Dieselmatic's proprietary Client Portal

Dieselmatic Client Portal

The Dieselmatic proprietary Client Portal allows you to see how your website and campaigns are performing. It's set up to give a broad snapshot of the most important performance indicators — but can go in depth with clear, detailed graphs that visually display your results.

Through the Dieselmatic Client Portal, you'll be able to make smarter day-to-day decisions that will help fill your bays and beat the competition. You'll be able to see real data and make smart decisions quickly. Ready to get started? Book a demo and we'll walk you through the Dieselmatic experience.

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Our most common asked questions.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No — Dieselmatic partners continue working with us because they want to, not because they're held to some long-term contract.

Will I get some cookie-cutter solution?

Your business is unique and needs to stand apart from the competition. Our solutions are custom built to fit your needs.

How is Dieselmatic.com different?

Built by grown up country kids, Dieselmatic provides cutting-edge marketing and design from diesel enthusiasts and experts.

Do you offer regional exclusivity?

Yes — if you live in a highly competitive region we can issue an exclusivity clause in our contract.